I was 22 when i got married.Became a mom when i was 24.I never worked previously nor did i wanted to now.But people who knew me well always pushed me for writing a blog or articles.I did not pay much attention to them then.But gradually i realised i wanted to do something once i started settling with the baby and had a little time for myself.

“A mother is born when a child is born”.We must have heard this phrase a couple of times.But its a fact that you would never understand your own mom until and unless you become a mom yourself.Parenting is something that comes with experience,it can never be taught.You learn as u feel.I am Taranpreet,mom to a notorious 2 yo.I would like to share a part of my life with you all.The happy times,the sad times,the struggles,the confusion if I’m right of wrong,the first experience when your baby calls u mamma and a lot more.

Also being a woman i love makeup and beauty related stuff,il try my best to try ,test and share with you my reviews of new products every now and then.My aim is to share with you my ideas through pictures and words.

Welcome to my life !!