Travelling with a little human

Hello everyone,

Iv always been a traveller at heart. Be it domestic destinations or international ones. I just want to travel. I was lucky enough to find a husband who shared same interests as mine. After we got married we literally used to wait for like three day offs together so that we could escape somewhere.
After 2 years of marriage we had our first child. Amaira. I had been really unwell throughout my pregnancy and post the baby we all know how the scenario is. So I had literally given up the thought of travelling with the baby. I don’t think it was difficult rather I thought it was impossible. A few months passed. Little one was 8 months old,my husband surprised us with a trip to honkong.
As much excited I was I knew I could hear myself screaming inside my head. Before the baby we just had to carry our own. After the baby there was a check list that got into packing the little ones diaper bag. Before the baby we would actually get bored during long flights but after the baby there was not a single second we could sit down,my baby kept me and fellow passengers awake. Before the baby how luxurious it would feel to have in flight meals while watching your favourite movie,after the baby the meal was just not on the table in front of us,but everywhere else too.Before the baby we could enjoy a little nap on flights after the baby it was a dream.
As funny as it may sound guys. A little human enters your life and makes it his own. There are countless things you need to think before travelling with the baby. From child friendly hotels to child friendly destinations. Yes these exist actually. But I assure you nothing can be more joyous than to have a little travelling partner travel with you to your favourite destinations.


3 thoughts on “Travelling with a little human

  1. We are going to be traveling with our baby soon. I am very anxious about it, but I need to remember that it will be only a few hours and then it will be done!

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