Three jaded pandas terrarium kit

We all want our home to look the best.From picking up fancy accents to decorating it with the most exquisite stuff,we do everything.Indoor plants are one more such thing that add a dash of colour and something edgy to our house.I too tried to do the same but my plants always used to end up dying.And I was left feeling guilty,i had decided im not going to keep plants anymore.Until a few days back I came across An online website that delivers plants at your doorstep.The most amazing part? They have terrariums.


A terrarium is an absolute eco system surviving in a container.The container can be of your choice however,traditionally it is always made out of glass.They generally contain pebbles,soil,moss and glass. Terrariams are often kept as decorative or ornamental items. myBageecha has an amazing collection of terrarium kits that you can choose from. Have a look here

These while adorning your house require no maintenance at all. Just water them every few days and you are good to go. It even survived with lazy bums like me. So yes it has to be the most easy to care for โ€˜live decorationโ€if you are looking for one.


Trees & Plants are the lifelines and the green surroundings give us tranquility, happiness & inner peace. In the last few decades, progressively natural environment has been exploited and the outcome is global warming being faced today. Time has come for us to collectively put efforts, small or big, to change this trend.

myBageecha is an effort to encourage people to love and care for plants, get closer to nature and help increase the green cover to re-balance our environment.

This portal has been conceptualized by a group of plant lovers to offer end to end solution for gardening, which is both an art & science of growing and cultivating plants

You can have a look at their website RIGHT HERE


So the kit i was sent was this one.They had all the different products sent and i was supposed to build it together myself.It was essentially a DIY kit,which made it a lot of fun.It is only when you make your terrarium you feel like taking care of it.



  • Terrarium Glass Size in Inches : 5″
  • 1 Succulent Plant
  • Set of 3 Lazy Pandas
  • 1 Grey House Miniature
  • Green Moss
  • Magic Soil Mixture
  • Activated Coconut Charcoal
  • Blue Gravel Pebbles



  • Needs indirect sunlight
  • Water once the moss is completely dry. Preferable twice in a week.
  • Use a spray bottle to water. Spray in limited quantity
  • Change the charcoal once in 1 year to keep it pest/bug free.

You could  Buy this kit here

One more thing that i would specially like to mention about them is the way they had packaged everything.From the glass bowl to the plant.Everything reached me in perfect condition.So kudos to them for handling packaging so well.

Its been almost a week and the terrarium is doing great.Its high time we all replace few of our fancy adornments and replace them with something green.

I hope you all liked this post




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