I’m the only female driver in my in laws

In India you are considered a modern indian woman if you have those few magical qualities.Driving is apparently one of them.You are not modern enough if you don’t know how to drive.It is funny but driving suddenly makes you as modern as you can ever be.

We have a lot of woman who drive and are really good drivers.Gone are the days when only men used to drive.It is for ones own convenience.But with all this modern outlook there are people who still believe that women cant drive.If they see a woman on road driving they suddenly start making fun of the person.

Driving seemed liked a distant dream.I also,like a lot of girls thought that i can never drive in my life.Though i was dying to do the same.We have always grown up with the myth that people who drive are the coolest people ever.I got married quite early so this was the thing i thought would change post marriage.I thought id  be the coolest girl in my in laws because no woman there could drive then,still cant.It dint.I still couldn’t drive.

After almost 2 years i had my daughter.I started feeling trapped because i was completely dependent on my husband to drive me around where ever i wanted to go.I knew i had to buck up.I did.And surprisingly i started driving in no time.Driving good that too.My husband was proud enough.I did not want to prove anybody anything.I just wanted to prove myself that i can do anything if i set my heart on to it.I wanted to set an example for my daughter to look upto.

Now i can proudly say that i actually am the only female driver in my in laws.Its not only the guys who are looked upto now.


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