Amaira’s very own customised quilt

Back in the age when I was a kid i don’t remember anything that had my name on it.I don’t even know anywhere we could get something CUSTOMISED. Now a days,everything can be customised.When i became a parent i was and still am obsessed with getting everything customised with my daughter’s name AMAIRA on it.


Hugsntugs is one such brand that does customisation at its best.Its a brand started by two moms themselves,namely Nimisha and Muckta who wanted to dress their own little ones in the best clothes.That is how it all started.They have both studied fashion and hence have great knowledge of everything from design to material.

They have a vertical integrated set up of dyeing, printing, digital printing, embroidery and garment making under one roof with an expert team at hand. Each garment is made with great care keeping in mind that the end-user is a special one who deserve nothing but just the best.
I received a quilt for my little one from the team at Hugs n tugs and it was like love at first sight.My daughter has a weird fascination towards animals especially elephants.So,I chose the print with little elephants.I just selected the fabric and the very next day it was at my doorstep.Kudos to their team for such a prompt delivery.
I had no idea while choosing the fabric that how it would turn out to be.When I opened the package it was like that moment when you just want to stare at a particular thing for no specific reason.The quilt had the same print that i chose.It had lemon coloured trim/piping on the sides of it that complimented the elephant print cloth.Also
in the same lemon coloured was AMAIRA written on the quilt.
My daughter definitely has a temperature problem and for that our a.c is on all throughout the night.This quilt has been keeping my little one quiet warm in that case . I’m a little unsure if it works for winters too but definitely works as an a.c quilt for summers.
The quilt is made of a light cotton material which is very skin friendly specially for babies/toddlers.Ive been using the quilt from the very next day I received it.Being a hands on OCD mom i washed it in the machine.It came out perfectly well.
And to my surprise it even dried very quickly because it has a polyester filling which is again very light weight and breathable.The trim used is also made of cotton.The feel of the fabric in itself is very comforting.
  • It is made of cotton which is skin friendly
  • Light weight
  • Keeps the child warm
  • Breathable
  • It can be customised as per your choice
  • polyester filling
  • The size is very comfortable


The team at Hugsntugs can customise almost anything with your favourite print,text and colour.They excell at this.Their are a lot more quirky,fun products you can check out at their websiteΒ RIGHT HERE

Happy shopping at their store cuz long hugs and little tugs can fix almost everything!

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