MAMAEARTH products for mama

Every mom in the world definitely ignores herself in the practice of taking best care for her children.I am also one of them.I really don’t remember the last time I went for a spa or to get my nails done.Even a 5 minute bath without my child banging on the bathroom door feels like luxury.

While we all were busy still ignoring ourselves MAMAEARTH decided to pamper all the moms by launching their new range exclusively for mamas.I was surprised when i received a package from them and on realising that these products were not for my child but for me.

Its been quite a few days iv been using them on a regular basis so I wanted to share my review on these with you all.Here is what i actually feel about them.


In an earlier blog where I reviewed their baby kit i had mentioned how amazing their products were.Here again they as a brand have launched a range that is cent percent safe for moms.The owners are parents themselves so hence they came up with the idea of baby products being made safe.And now one of their co-founder ghazal being a woman herself too felt the need to pamper all the moms as well and came up with this amazing range of products.

You can check out the entire range of products here

The products that I received were:






Now I seriously can’t even explain the amount of beauty these bottles have.If you thought their baby range packaging was cute enough,wait till you check out the stuff for mamas.The argan hair mask was in a wide-mouthed jar whereas the body wash and lotion were in bottles with a pump.The are white and pink coloured and who doesn’t like pink.The bottles/jar are quite sturdy and can be re used too.


The best thing about the bottles is that apart from having a normal cap covering the pump,they have another transparent cap underneath it leaving absolutely no chances for a leakage.This by far is the most travel friendly product i have seen.




The argan hair mask is undoubtedly my favourite out of the three products that I have recieved.Iv tried on hair masks earlier,not many but a few and did not seem to notice any drastic change even after a month for continuous usage.It is a thick cream like textured product and smells oh so good.i used it twice in a week and can already feel the difference in my hair.

  •  PARABEN free
  • SLS free,
  • MINERAL OIL free and
  • PTHALATES free
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Repairs damaged hair
  • Soothes the scalp

A 200 ml jar is priced at Rs 599/-

You can buy the product here



The next product I received was the body wash.It is a clear liquid.The product worked amazingly when i lathered it up with a little water.It has a very sweet natural fragrance that lingers on the body even after the bath.It gives a very cool and calming sensation while using it because it has aloe vera in it

  • PARABEN free
  • PTHALATES free
  • MINERAL OIL free
  • SLS free
  • Contains aloe vera
  • contain vitamin E
  • Provides natural nourishment
  • Does not dry out the skin

A 200 ml of this product is priced at Rs 349/-

You can buy the product here



This was the last product that i recieved.Firstly it has the same fragrance as the body wash so when used together the fragrance stays on the body for long.The lotion is a white coloured thick liquid.It definitely does the nourishment part that it claims.It literally leaves the skin feeling baby soft.Just a one time application of the product does its job.

  • PARABEN free
  • SLS free
  • MINERAL OIL free
  • PTHALATES free
  • Contains SHEA BUTTER
  • Contains COCOA BUTTER
  • Contains JOJOBA OIL
  • Keeps skin HYDRATED
  • NOURISHES skin

A 200 ml bottle of this product is priced at Rs 349/-

You can buy the product here

These products are available at AMAZON,NYKAA

It is definitely a must try for all the new mums.I hope you found this review helpful.

Happy shopping !!



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