Review-Printoctopus tshirt

My favourite time of the year is here.”Summer” The one thing that I love the most about summers is the cotton clothes we get to wear.Being a mom myself i usually lounge around in pj’s and a cotton tshirt.Just mom things you know.

A lot of cotton t shirts claim to be 100% cotton but turn out to be something else after the first wash.I received a white t-shirt with the quote”ITS A MOM THING” and I thought it was just perfect.

This is what I honestly think about it.


The team at PrintOctopus- a vibrant community and marketplace based in India, that gives a big hearty shout out to the artist that exists within all of us.

If the same old stuff bores you and original and customised merchandise is what you crave for; you are going to have a good time here! Let your items of everyday use reflect your distinctive personality by customizing it with your own favourite artwork.


whether you want funky stylish comfortable cotton t-shirts, matte finish hard phone covers/cases for your smart phone and handsets, posters and canvas prints to brighten up your walls, or mouse pads which you can proudly call your own – simply indulge yourself! They have awesome designs and quirky merchandise designed by artists from all over India. It is definitely a one stop shop for all your quirk needs

You could have a look at their website here




I received a plain white t-shirt with a quote”Its a mom thing” and I absolutely love it.The tshirt is made of 100%cotton and is the perfect go to part of outfit for summers.White being my favourite iv been wearing the tshirt from the day iv recieved it.


And to my surprise it even passed the wash test and is as perfect as it was before.

All the to follow instructions are given on the t-shirt itself which is good.Mostly these are given on those little tags inside the t-shirts which we actually never see.

Although the cutest part has to be their little logo of a pink octopus.I love it


All in all I loved the t-shirt and plan to order many more myself very soon.Every color,print,design is available with them.Just in case you don’t like it,which is very rare,you could also wake up the artist within you and create your very own design.

Do not forget to subscribe via email when you check out their page as you will get a straight 15% off.

Also don’t forget to check out the other funky stuff these guys have.I bet you will be hooked on to their site for hours


Hope this blog was helpful to you all.

Happy shopping !!


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