I am my priority


I decided to get a hair cut for a change,to gain a little confidence in my not so happening monotonous life.I loved my short hair look.I felt more confident in it.His reaction though was not soo great but he said that i looked beautiful.From that very moment onwards i started to justify my look to everybody.I wanted to know their views on it.Basically i was literally craving for an honest compliment.

I was still trying to manage it considering the tips given to me.It takes a few days to seep into your new look and look comfortable.Within a day or two someone said i look fat in this new hair cut.It just made me think more and more if this cut made me look oddly fat because my hair were bouncy now.I planned on getting them straightened as then it might make my face look thin.I was acting as if this incident did not bother to me but it did.I was very conscious.

I have given birth to a child,running after her the whole day makes me feel hungry.I am aware of the fact that my belly is no more just a belly.I had a very limited diet during pregnancy because I was sick half of the time.I have to do a lot of household chores the whole day with nobody to even lend a hand.I get tired by the end of the day.

She sleeps around 2 am every night so it’s practically impossible for me to wake up early and go for a walk.The most common topic of discussion between me and my husband was how should I lose weight.It started bothering me beyond a Certain point.I was this fussy person all day long.And one day the woman in me just decided to just dump all these thoughts.Its good to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise but just fitting into your old dress should not be your motif.

Only when you will learn to love yourself,everybody else will.



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