Reasons more than excuses


On one hand India has become such a progressive country.Everything is starting to look a little modern.But behind all this there are mind sets of a lot of people that are still aged years back and they like to stick to it even today.

When a daughter is married and sent away to another home ,she is given gifts,blessings but on the other hand if a son plans to move out of the house with his new wife,he is immediately burdened with so much of guilt,as if he is doing some sort of crime.Even today in India the thought of the newly married moving out of their in laws house raises so many eyebrows.The society already draws a conclusion stating that if the son and daughter in law are moving out there is something definitely wrong amongst the family.And it is daughter in law has all the blame on her head at the end of the day even if she is no where involved in the whole thing.Whereas this is totally false.There are many other reasons and not excuses why this happens.


A woman is a daughter in law first and wife later as soon as she is married.Everybody has all eyes frowning on her waiting for her to make a mistake.She is supposed to put the best of her behaviour in front of everyone.Here everyone forgets that she has equal or rather more responsibility towards her husband as well.Which they never realise and happily keep intervening the time.


There is no chance at all that you could literally chill out anytime soon.By chilling here i refer to the fact that you can’t wear your pj’s and roam around,you cant sit on the couch and eat,you cant take some time alone to yourself as it will be regarded as disrespect.Basically you just cant be yourself.


This is one of the most exciting plans after marriage when you just want to go out instantly without planning for a dinner or a drive or anything.But you can,because apparently there are other people you need to tag along.You have to set the entire days routine if you wish to go out that night.And even if you push your husband to make that instant plan you can never move on without hearing”ek baar puch lete hain ,acha nahi lagta”.


The limit is crossed when you come back from shopping and everybody is awaiting you already.YOU,as a token of respect are supposed to show each and everything to them.And if showing them stuff was not enough ,you have to reveal the prices too.Because apparently they love everything you got and plan to do the same soon.There are times when there are certain thing that you like to keep to yourself.Maybe you had a leisure shopping trip to pamper yourself and this can easily be termed as a waste of money for them.


This is the most common thing everyone has faced.The son becomes a bad husband if he favours the mom and becomes a bad son if he favours the wife.No matter how many times the wife lets the son choose his mother over her,she is most of the times ridiculed for taking over the sons a.k.a the husbands life.


The list is therefore never ending.Im not type casting here but just a general perception i feel.I have been through some,others have been through some and there are some who haven’t experienced anything like this at all.Adjustment starts from oneself.A daughter in law has already endless things to live up to already.Better to let her adjust slowly than to push herself in being perfect all the time.



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