I am just a stay at home mom but im happy


My parents have educated me well enough.it was my decision to marry and further to have a child.After having a child I could have easily worked,there was no pressure from my husband or parents in law.But i chose to be a stay at home mom(SAHM)

As soon as you have a baby you become the most possessive person in the world.You are notย sure if she is safe in somebody else’s hands be it family or friends,every mom would be able to relate to this.And also I would have never been able to leave her all upon my maid.So i actually made everybody’s life easier by opting for this.That first time of everything is always so so exciting for every new mom im sure,even though we have heard and seen it 100 times but it’s always special with your own child.All those memories are perfectly captured in my mind.Her first tooth that came out,the first time she said mumma,the first time she smiled,the first time she walked,the first time she laughed.I remember everything super clearly.Thank god i did not have to miss on all these things.

Rearing a child is a mothers first job,come what may.Everybody plans before having a child.So the excuse that comes up many a times that we were not prepared is actually not like that.

It depends on how you as an individual want to work your life out.If you feel you want to work,you should definitely work.But on the other hand if you feel like not working ,it is equally normal and alright.Don’t listen to others once you have made your decision.But does ย it make you any less cooler to not be working? id say no.

That’s because being a sahm we have our own perks.I can sleep in a few extra hours without having to rush for office,i can have a gossip session with my girls any day and that i get to decide.I can make sudden plan for movie nights.I can travel whenever and wherever i want to without having to think about leaves.I can attend to my child 24/7 without coming home late and not being able to do so.

In my opinion my life could not have been better anyhow.I just love the place i am in.A stay at home mom.A very happy stay at home mom indeed.All of us are moms,working or not working.Some a little less super but definitely moms.



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