For her sake or mine


There are times in all of our lives,specially mothers,when we have actually dreaded he thought of what our lives would have been without a phone.It is actually a gift ,a blessing sent by god.I accept it.

While some people say that it is a curse that is swallowing our generation today but here it is where I personally choose to differ.There are days when i don’t feel myself,when i just want to sit alone or i just want to have a cup of coffee by myself.That is when i feel that the phone is the best invention for mothers.

At times when i get a call from an old friend and iΒ want to catch up on all the gossip i have missed or i just want to take a beauty nap or i want to watch my favourite serial that i have missed.Thats when this thing keeps my baby at bay.keeps her engaged,keeps her busy. Is it a bad influence?I don’t think so.

Back in or times when there was no phone for us yet,still we had television which too was new to us.How excited we always used to be to watch our specific programmes.Though we dint have the power to watch it whenever we wanted to,but kids today have it.This too is a part of the change I feel.

So why is it that mothers who look for respite in technology are shamed?I have personally come across people who on one hand push other mothers as well to keep their kids away from phone and on the other hand they smuggle their kids there phone considering themselves to be in the non judgemental zone.Their are mothers who keep their kids packed in a pattern like sheep are reared and then there are mothers who let their kids relax and also relax themselves.

Doing this does not make us any less of a mom.All of us are moms,some a little less super,a little less perfect.But definitely just moms at the end of the day.


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