Equally involved together


When you share responsibilities,they tend to become easier.Ofcourse you are a mother/father to your child and its obvious that you love your child a lot.Even after you put your 100% ,stop playing half of your roles.Don’t be half of what you are.Or half of what you can do.A child is both of yours equal responsibility.

Your child is because you both are.A happy child is raised only when both the mother and the father play their vial roles in the child’s life and not try and escape.Honestly, we all get tired at some point of time.A husband and a wife both should give each other full opportunity to fulfill their respective role’s in the childs life.There is no manual that reads or states that there are specified roles for both of you.

The mentality of people around, that if not all of us, but most of us have grown up with is that a father should be the bread-winner of the family and a mother should look after the house.But why so? After a dad comes back from the office he should be given time to unwind and relax rather than straight away looking after the kids.But i personally feel this is not correct.A mother too works full-time at home.Fathers atleat get a break for lunch.But moms at times don’t even get that and they are so occupied with work that they almost forget that they have skipped a meal.

Fathers have an 8 hour job but mothers have a 24/7 job probably.We should raise are kids making them understand how important it is to actually help each other out in bringing up a physically and mentally healthy child.We should educate our girls so that they can equally work with their husbands and earn if they feel they need to.And similarly we should make our boys realise the importance of household chores.Its not the girls sole responsibilty.If girls can work then why can’t guys do the household chores.

Parenting a child means both of you giving your 100 and not 50% of effort.A child is your responsibilty.Make it a joyous,happy,stress free procedure rather than treating it as some kind of a burden.Everything will seem to be fine once you decide to get equally involved together.




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