The difference will always be


Marriage is a match made in heaven.A match of two people who love each other,promise to stand by each other.But should not it also be the match of two people who are equal to each other ,who respect each other?Who would help each other,in big things and small things too?

Marriage is a bigger change for a girl than for a guy,we all know that.After all its the girl who leaves her house,her parents and her surname for the guy.The guy has just a new family member added.Rather another person to take care of him and his related tasks other than his own mother.I wondered why this difference was so evident? Why was this wall of being a girl and being a guy thickening with time,no matter even if the girl was as educated as the guy was.Why are son in-laws looked at with all the respect in the world?shouldn’t this exactly be the case with daughter in laws? If a guy is respected more because he is your husband,then you shoud be respected more equally because you are his wife.

I was asked if i knew how to cook before marriage? Was my husband asked the same question?Wasn’t he liable to cook for me when i was sick?or rather what if we could cook on alternate days? After all i did not sign any clause before marriage that i was responsible for cooking daily.

I was supposed to take permission after marriage if i wanted to go to my parents house? Was my husband asked to do the same every time he wanted to talk to his mom or dad?It was actually weird that i needed permission to meet my own parents.

I was burdened with doubleย the responsibility that included household chores as well.Was my husband not supposed to take part in them equally.It was not my house alone remember?It was our house.

Though i dint like to work,i just did for a couple of months.I was supposed to offer my first salary to my in laws saying it for you.Did my husband do the same?Did he too give his salary to my parents?No he did not.Why this difference then?

On every application you will read many options where it is asked if the woman is working or a HOUSEWIFE? Is there any similar option given for a man as well? No,there is just a single option where you are supposed to state the kind of business he is into,even if he isn’t into one yet.

Is there no rule book for son in-laws specifically? Was it never made?If not then why a rule book for daughter in laws in the first place? I was brought up saying girls and boys are equal but the harsh reality is that they are not.We all were fooled as children.Even after facing all this women are strong and mature enough to realise how to take care of a grown child who is not so grown up after all.If only their mothers back then would make them realise they are not superior to their wives but equal to them.Maybe there would have been something better for us to face.




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