You have a daughter,you wont understand


Friends and family are an integral part of our lives.Through them we slowly get to know how different each of our lives are.There are different ways how we keep our houses,how we do household chores ,how we actually differ in every small thing.

People now a days have become so insensitive,that leave alone giving a compliment they don’t even appreciate the things that we do.Everybody has their own way of bringing up kids.You cant tell what is wrong and what is right.Somethings that might seem to be wrong to you might be perfectly correct for somebody are kids.All the kids have tantrums while growing up.The other day a relative of mine came over and said” wow what a clean house”.My heart rejoiced,finally somebody took notice.Being an OCD diagnosedΒ i’m always on my toes trying to keep everything prim and proper as much as i can.But this moment was short,quite short.After immediately giving a compliment i get to hear,it’s because i have a baby girl and not a baby boy,that my house is so clean.And i was like excuse me?.

How badly i wanted to turn and answer that a 100 times she spreads her toys in every room,i pick it up each time to put it back,how she messes the whole house while eating a biscuit,i wipe up the crumbles each time,how she takes a glass of water and wets the entire floor or even my bedsheet at times,i clean it/change the bedsheet,how she will take out every little thing from the drawer n number of times and i will put it back once she is done.

I’d like to ask you all what difference does it make whether you have a girl or a boy? A toddler is a toddler at the end of the day.My house is not freaking clean because i have a girl,it’s because i put in all my freaking efforts to keep it that way.We know certain people who have no interest in keeping their houses up to mark or even thinking about it.They are so laid back with their attitude that all they know is how to comment on others and demean them.How id wish to tell them that considering that i have a girl doesn’t mean she sits quietly while i can do all my work.She is naughtier than boys.I wanted to tell them to take her to your house for an hour and then we will talk.

It’s just easy for people to not appreciate your efforts and instead just say something hurtful.It’s not because they unknowingly do that its actually because of the fact that they themselves can’t really do anything so why not put others down.As simple as it sounds !!


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