When two, became three.


We felt complete.Baby bug was home finally.We thought we would be the best parents.JUST THOUGHT.Google is just a click away.We don’t need anybody to tell us what to do and how to do.While somewhere realising at the back of my mind that i was”oh so wrong”.With the baby came tons of responsibilities and”the unwanted advices that indian relatives are famous for”.

I was still in pain with the stitches.Coudn’t laugh, coudn’t cough and coudn’t even talk loudly.They used to hurt.When i say hurt i mean it.From going out with friends i was suddenly surrounded with baby laundry, diaper changes and feeding.I coudn’t see anything beyond even if i wanted to.Thats when reality hit me saying “yay YOU ARE Β A MOM”. And just in case if u did not know, these all things came along with the baby,for free.

I was an insomniac during pregnancy n i really did not wish my baby to be one.But things don’t go as you plan.For 6 months sharp.My little baby bug used to stay awake till 5:30 am. Yes thats right.There was no prescribed course to get back to normal life but that doesn’t mean ur friends or family will not tell you what to do.

“oh, you will loose weight easily’.

“oh, dont worry we are still the best of friends,u having a baby doesn’t matter.

“oh dear make sure to take a nap when the baby takes a nap n so on”

I wish i could tell them no! none of these things are possible.I had lost half of my confidence and friends helped me loose the rest of it.Just few not all.All i knew was that i was just exhausted.All the time. Its funny but today i value my maid more than a lot of people in my life.She made me understand each and every thing with all the patience in the world.She’s just not a helper ,she is family.She was like a saviour that god had sent for me.Who treated my baby like her own.

Giving all this a deep thought made me realise either i could just sit n sulk over it or help myself.I definitely chose the latter. Slowly,by slowly i literally mean very slowly i started getting back on track. Things seemed a little relaxed with the baby if not perfect.I started getting that boost .n today when i think of it i am so bloody proud of myself.

You are your only strength.Obviously if you have a loving husband it adds to it. Rahul did every possible thing on this earth to make me feel Β better.Right now my house might not be perfect but giving myself the luxury of leaving it as it is is great.By giving myself a pause from my baby,my husband and realising who i was pre baby kept me going.


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