As soon as baby bug arrived,we had no clue our sleep would be deprieved


hello new mommy’s,

thanks for dropping in and sparing a few minutes of your time.i am Taranpreet, a full-time mom to a 2-year-old, rather a notorious 2 year old.

For every woman being blessed with motherhood is the biggest blessing. On the 16th of september,2014 we too were blessed with a baby BUG wrapped in pink.We were the happiest we had ever been.Rahul,my husband couldn’t stop gushing about the fact that he’s a father.He was smiling all the time as tears rolled down his cheek.Β For me,honestly it took some time to actually get the feeling Β in that yes I am a MOM.

While i lay on the bed in the operation theatre, my doctor said “its a girl”. Due to anesthesia i was so zoned out i dint react at all. I saw from a distance a little baby bug wrapped in a blanket with eyes wide open,just to realise it was my baby. And the next moment i knew was i dosing off to sleep.

After 4 long days in the hospital, four days because i had a c-section delivery,we came home.We came back as a family of three. While we were packing our stuff to leave for home. I FELT ANXIOUS.Excited,Nervous,Tensed.My mind was overwhelmed with every feeling in the world as i was walking to the parking to sit in my car. We got home ,our family was there to meet AMAIRA,our bundle of joy. We were happy.

Soon after they left and i realised within a few minutes that being in a nuclear family was maybe wasnt the best decision that we made. I was as clueless as all of u. My life literally went upside down. We dint even now how to change her diaper,leave alone swaddling the baby to sleep. we felt like zombies with the lack of sleep.

But once u are a mom, that inner strength develops. My husband was my biggest and only support at this time.This was the time I realised that whenever he said he loved me ,he actually meant it.


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